kid-in-chairAs far as dentistry is concerned, a child is not a small adult.
Most children…
  • have different behavioral needs than adults
  • experience fear in different ways than adults
  • have teeth that are different in shape and size than adult teeth
  • may have different dental needs than adults
At Apple Seeds Pediatric Dentistry, you will find that we understand the differences that make our younger patients special.  Apple Seeds was built from the ground up to accomodate children of all need levels and age groups.  To accomplish this, we use equipment such as smaller dental chairs and specially made digital xray sensors, both designed to make your “little ones” more comfortable at each visit.  We have an energetic dental team that is guaranteed to always put your child’s needs first.
At Apple Seeds, we stay up to date with the best forms of pediatric dental treatment, but we also know that prevention is always best.  Part of our job is to educate you, the parent, on the best ways to take care of your child’s teeth.  We include home oral hygiene instructions, dietary advice, and other preventative dental suggestions at every visit.  We give you, the parent, the tools and knowledge needed to help your “little one” develop great dental habits from very early in life.  Starting good habits early will help keep your child’s teeth health for a lifetime!
Drop in and see what makes Apple Seeds special!  We provide dental health for the “little ones” in your family